Every major record type in Aha! includes a comments section. You can use it to create the perfect message by creating tables, adding attachments, designing mockups, and reacting with emojis. 

You can even go a step further and comment on images attached to Aha! records.

To interact with the comments section on a record type, you must have the following user permissions:

  • Viewers can view comments.
  • Reviewers can add comments and add emoji reactions to comments.
  • Contributors can add a public comment on an idea.
  • Administrators with account permissions can edit other users' comments. 

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Add a comment

To add the first comment on a record, click the plus button Aha-plus-button.png located in the Comments section of almost any record in the Aha! data model.


To add a comment to an existing thread, begin writing your comment in the text box at the bottom of the thread.

Customize your message using the tools located in the toolbar. To learn more about editing text using the toolbar, check out our support article on the Aha! text editor.

Comments can be edited and deleted. To edit a comment, hover over the comment until the text box is highlighted. Click the text box to begin editing the comment. To delete a comment, click the Delete link in the comment header.  

Tip: To directly reach out to a fellow Aha! user in a comment, you can type the @ symbol followed by the user’s name. This will send a notification to the user with your comment. You can also link to an Aha! record by typing the # symbol followed by the first few characters of the record.


Configure comment notifications

Notification preferences can be configured on a per-user basis. The following scenarios will trigger a notification on a comment thread.

  • When you add a comment, you are automatically added as a subscriber to the comment thread and a watcher on the record. As a subscriber, you will be notified of any comments that are made on the thread. To add or remove yourself as a subscriber, you can click the Subscribe / Unsubscribe button in the bottom corner of the comment thread. You can also add or remove yourself as a watcher. Notifications for subscribers can be further customized at Settings ⚙️> Personal > Notification preferences.
  • When you @ mention someone in a comment, the user you mention in the comment will receive a notification and become a subscriber on the comment thread.
  • If an administrator edits someone’s comment, notifications will be sent to users watching the record or subscribed to the comment stream.
  • When you add an emoji reaction to a comment, no notification is sent. Emoji reactions are also not logged in the history of a record.


Add an emoji reaction

Emoji reactions are used for a more visual and fun collaboration experience that encourages lightweight feedback.

To add an emoji reaction, click the Add emoji button Aha-add-emoji-button.png on a comment and choose an emoji. If another user has already added an emoji that you agree with, click the emoji to increase the reaction count. To see the names of users who reacted, hover over an emoji.


For example, you might add a trophy or a checkered flag to celebrate a new feature. Show gratitude for your team with a thumbs up or raised hands emoji. Or just add a simple smile emoji to indicate that you acknowledge and appreciate a comment from one of your colleagues.



To add an attachment to your comment, click the Attach files link and select the file you wish to attach. You can choose files on your local machine or select from one of our file storage integration options (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive for Business).

Click Create mockup to add a customized mockup to your comments. For more on mockups, check out our support article.

Tip: You can promote a comment attachment to be a feature or requirement attachment by clicking the star icon that appears in the upper-left corner of the attachment thumbnail image.


Add comments to image and mockup previews

Aha! helps you collaborate on images and mockups with the ability to comment on specific locations within image attachments (PNG, JPG, and GIF file types) and on mockup previews that are created within your records. Users can reply to these comments, keeping the conversations organized around specific points on the image. 


To comment on an image or mockup preview: 

  1. Open an attachment or mockup preview and click the View and add comments button mceclip0.png located on the top of the image preview modal.Aha-attachment-header-show-hide-comments.png
  2. Click anywhere on the attachment or mockup preview to start a conversation — clicking on the image will add a numbered orange dot mceclip1.png to the location of your comment. Add your first comment to start a conversation and click Save comment. Note: When comments are added to Aha! mockups, the comments will remain on the attachment as changes are made to the mockup.
  3. When the reason for your conversation has been addressed and/or sufficiently discussed, click the Resolve button located on the header of the conversation. When you resolve a conversation, the color of the numbered dot changes from orange to green. Comments are still accessible after a conversation has been resolved.

Note: The count that appears on the View or add comments button mceclip0.png and the attachment preview icon indicates the number of unresolved conversations on your attachment.


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