Integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Office 365)

To add your personal to-dos or a saved calendar report from Aha! to an Office365 Outlook account:

  1. Copy the Aha! Calendar URL. If you don’t have an Aha! Calendar URL, see this support article which explains how to create one.
  2. Log into Office365 and navigate to Outlook Calendar.
  3. Hover over the Calendars header on the left sidebar and select Add calendar.Aha-add-calendar.png
  4. Paste the link to your calendar from Aha! in the Link to the calendar field. Add a name, and then click Import. The calendar will now appear in your list of available calendars. Aha-import-calendar-from-web-microsoft-office-365.png

Note: You can integrate an Aha! calendar with any Microsoft Outlook products that support importing a calendar. Additionally, the initial update on Microsoft Calendars can take more than 24 hours. See this support article on importing or subscribing to a calendar in Outlook.

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