Integrate with Jira next-gen projects

Jira next-generation (next-gen) projects are designed to support smaller teams. Much of the project comes preconfigured for either a scrum or kanban template. When you integrate Aha! with a Jira next-gen project, Aha! will automatically detect the template type and create appropriate field mappings

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How it works

To integrate Aha! with your Jira next-gen project, follow the same integration process you would for classic Jira projects. This is a two-way integration, meaning information can be updated in either tool. Send your planned work to Jira, get notified when the Jira issue's status updates, and use comments to keep each team up to date. 


  • Currently, you cannot map a single Aha! workspace to multiple Jira next-gen projects and move records between the Jira projects without losing record links. 
  • Currently, if a Jira user story is assigned to a new epic or the epic is changed, Jira will not send Aha! a webhook, so Aha! will not know about the updated record relationship. The next time the record is updated (in Jira or Aha!), Aha! will be able to note and update the feature's master feature. 

Before configuring any integration for the first time, it is important to fully understand how to think about integrating Aha! with your development tool. Aha! should come first in the process — build out or import your records in Aha!, then send them to Jira. You can customize the ways that fields map to each other between the two tools, and even customize whether you want integrated records to update automatically, or only after your review. 

This integration supports sending the following Aha! records to Jira:

  • Initiatives
  • Releases / Schedules

    Note: Versions are not enabled in next-gen projects by default, so while you can still map Aha! releases, you may choose not to. 
  • Master features / Master activities
  • Features / Activities
  • Requirements


Field mapping

Just like when integrating Aha! with classic Jira projects, you can customize field mappings between Aha! and Jira. Jira next-gen projects do have some different Links to... mappings, but Aha! will add those automatically for you (and you can change them if you need to). 

As we mentioned in the introduction, Aha! will automatically detect your next-gen project's template and make appropriate field mappings. For example, stories and epics are both default issue types for scrum projects, but only epics are available in kanban projects. 


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