Copy, move, or bulk edit activities

Aha! offers a variety of ways to perform updates on activities. Some of the most common actions include copy, move, and bulk edit.

Copying activities is useful if you have a common activity that applies to many workspaces or if you have a specific template you'd like to re-use. When you copy an activity, it pre-pends "[Copy]" to the activity name and creates it in the current schedule. You can then move the copied activity to another workspace and schedule.


Note: Copying activities can be done individually but not in bulk. However, by cloning a schedule that contains activities, you can essentially copy in bulk.

Activities can be moved to a new schedule by changing the Schedule value that appears on the Activity drawer or Activity details page. You can choose from a schedule within the same workspace or choose a different one.

If you have many activities to move, it might be easier to move or edit activities in bulk. The Activities > List page allows you to bulk edit once you select activities by checking the boxes to the left of those activities. When you select one or more activities, the Bulk edit button will appear.

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