Marketing portfolio roadmap

The portfolio roadmap is one of the most important Aha! roadmaps. It shows planned work across an entire marketing portfolio. With the portfolio roadmap, you can visualize the timing of your schedules and see how those schedules drive the success of your key strategic initiatives.


How it works

The portfolio roadmap is located at Roadmaps > Portfolio. If you do not see the portfolio roadmap in your secondary navigation, you may need to customize your menu navigation.

The first time you access the portfolio roadmap, you will see schedules for the workspace where you are currently working. You can customize the roadmap by clicking the Workspace dropdown on the top-left. Select the marketing lines or workspaces that you wish to see, or select the auto-update filter option in the marketing line submenu to select all products and automatically update the roadmap when new workspaces are added. Then, click the Update roadmap button that appears once you close out of the Workspace dropdown.


This will present a view of your schedules for the workspaces you have selected. If you have schedules that are associated with a strategic initiative, they will be placed into swimlanes based on their schedule association. If you have not created any initiatives, the schedules will be organized in a single swimlane called Schedules.

If you are visualizing marketing lines, they will appear in their own swimlane. At the marketing line level, you will see circles with various colors across the roadmap. These circles represent schedules in the child workspaces of the marketing line.

If you have set strategic initiatives for your workspace and they roll up to marketing line initiatives, the circles will be organized to show how the schedules at the workspace level are impacting the marketing line level initiatives.

View schedule timing and progress

Start dates for schedules on the portfolio roadmap are represented as the first phase or milestone date, which can be set on the Release details drawer — click on a schedule to add phases and milestones. As the schedule is manipulated, the dates will shift on the portfolio roadmap.

The Settings button in the top-left corner includes options for showing internal or external Complete by dates. Internal and external Complete by dates can be configured on the Schedule details page. You can also choose to color the bars by workspace or status. If you choose Workspace, the roadmap will display schedules with the color that has been defined on the Workspace > Overview page. If you choose Status, the bar color will be based on the status colors defined for your workspace in Settings > Account > Configure statuses and workflows.

The portfolio roadmap also allows you to visualize the progress of a schedule as depicted by the schedule bars shaded with a solid color. The progress is based on the number of completed activities in the schedule out of the total number scheduled.

Lastly, you can change the resolution of the roadmap by clicking the calendar icon on the top-left corner. You can also use the gray timeline control bar along the top to scroll left and right in addition to zooming in and out.

Save your roadmap and add it to an Aha! presentation

The Views dropdown at the top-right of the roadmap allows teams to create different portfolio roadmaps for different stakeholders and save the roadmaps for easy reference in the future.

Click the More options button to add your product portfolio roadmap to a presentation to share with others.

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