Text editor keyboard shortcuts

We have designed Aha! to be quick and intuitive to navigate. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts to mouse movements, then this article will help you and your team move faster together. 

Format paragraphs

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Header 1 Cmd+Opt+1 Ctrl+Alt+1
Header 2 Cmd+Opt+2 Ctrl+Alt+2
Header 3 Cmd+Opt+3  Ctrl+Alt+3
Header 4 Cmd+Opt+4  Ctrl+Alt+4
Header 5 Cmd+Opt+5  Ctrl+Alt+5
Header 6 Cmd+Opt+6 Ctrl+Alt+6
Paragraph  Cmd+P Ctrl+P
Quote Cmd+Opt+' Ctrl+Opt+'

Format text

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Bold text Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Italicize text Cmd+I Ctrl+I
Underline text Cmd+U  Ctrl+U
Left align text Cmd+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift+L
Center align text Cmd+Shift+C Ctrl+Shift+R
Right align text Cmd+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+C
Justify align text Cmd+Shift+J Ctrl+Shift+J
Create bulleted list *+Space
Create numbered list 1.+Space 1.+Space

Other shortcuts

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Insert code snippet Cmd+Opt+/ Ctrl+Alt+/
Clear formatting


Submit form Cmd+Return Ctrl+Enter

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