Master activities

Master activities allow marketing managers to group activities that often share a common business objective. With master activities, you can track and prioritize groups of work. Similar to activities, you can also add strategic elements like goals and initiatives to master activities.

Master activities are very flexible. You can use them to manage groups of activities in multiple workspaces or across multiple schedules. Or if you prefer, you can use master activities to manage groups of activities within a single marketing workspace.

When to consider using master activities

  • Your team works on large activities that can take several schedules to accomplish. You need a way to track these large activities and view them in reports.
  • Your team currently uses strategic initiatives to group activities but you would rather utilize initiatives for strategic themes.
  • You want to track groups of activities across multiple workspaces.


Set up and configure master activities

At the marketing line level, you can decide whether master activities should be enabled or disabled by default for any workspace or product under that marketing line. In each workspace, you also have the choice to enable or disable master activities (or to inherit the setting from the marketing line).

Adjust these settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page, then navigating to Settings > Workspace > Master activities.

You can also customize your master activities.

  • Update terminology for the master activity record type to a title that works better for your team.
  • Create custom statuses and workflows for master activities on the Settings > Account page.
  • Show master activities and activities on the same board by enabling the Show master activities setting. To do that, click the gear icon on the features board, workflow board, or calendar. The Customize record cards modal will appear. Under Additional options, check the box next to Show master activities, then click Save.
  • Customize the master activity card design. Just like activities, master activities have their own customizable card design. In the Customize record cards modal, click the Master activity card tab to customize the master activity card.
  • Prioritize master activities using custom scorecards, just as you would with activities.

Use master activities to manage work

Once you have enabled master activities, you can add and manage them from the activities board or the master activity details page.

The toggle located on the upper-left corner of the activities board allows you to switch between activities and master activities. When you toggle to master activities, you can create a new master activity by clicking Add Master activity or by clicking the More options button located next to each schedule name.

You can prioritize master activities the same way that you prioritize activities on the activities board. Although master activities reside within the workspace and schedule where they will be completed, you can assign a master activity to activities from multiple workspaces and schedules.

Show master activities on the Gantt chart

To show master activities on the Plans > Gantt chart, click the Customize view button  and select from one of these options: 

  • Hide master activities: This setting will hide all master activities on the Gantt chart.
  • Highlight bars by master activity: This setting allows users to show the master activity that each activity relates to while maintaining the chronological order of the activities in the timeline. This is perfect for showing the timing of each activity when the team is focused on multiple master activities at different times during the schedule.
  • Group bars by master activity: This setting allows users to organize activities into master activity groupings, overriding the default chronological order. This is perfect for telling a story of how a particular master activity will be delivered.

Use master activities in roadmaps, reports, and presentations

Roadmaps and reports help you visualize master activities that will be completed in upcoming schedules and show how your master activities support your strategy. You can also build custom analytics reports with data from master activities.

Any page in Aha! that includes master activities can also be added to an Aha! presentation. Presentations allow you to present your team’s strategy and work to stakeholders.

Use master activities in integrations

You can include the master activity field on any 2.0 integration.

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