Add marketing workspaces to your existing Aha! account

We just launched Aha! for Marketing — a new software product for setting strategy, building visual marketing plans, and reporting on program results. The product that you currently use (and hopefully love) has been renamed Aha! for Product. Up until now, there was Aha! the company and Aha! the product. Now that we have two products, we needed to change the product name.

But here is what really matters.

We specifically built the new product to provide marketing teams with the functionality they need using terminology that is familiar to them.

The product can be used independently or it can be seamlessly integrated with your existing account. If you want to start using its capabilities in your existing account, your organization's product and marketing team members will have their own workspaces — while being able to collaborate in one account. And nothing will change with your current account setup or how your product information is organized.

Product management will continue to organize their plans around product lines and products while marketing teams will use marketing lines and marketing workspaces. But both will be able to link across workspaces to each other’s records in new ways and track dependencies between teams.

There are no additional costs for creating marketing workspaces in your existing account and allowing your existing users to use them. The pricing for Aha! is still user-count based. You can start inviting your marketing team and adding marketing workspaces today.

Enable marketing workspaces

To add marketing workspaces to your existing account, navigate to Settings > Account > Configure workspace types and enable the Marketing workspace type.


Once enabled, you can begin adding marketing lines and workspaces to set strategy, create schedules, manage master activities, and track activities. When you first arrive at your new workspace, you will be presented with the Welcome center, where you can start adding your marketing plans or you can explore demo data from a fictitious company.



Please contact our team of product and marketing experts with any questions. Email us at and we will do our best to respond in about an hour.

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