Add marketing workspaces to your Aha! account

Every team needs a strategic roadmap. This is why Aha! provides purpose-built workspaces for product and marketing teams — who can use Aha! independently or realize even more value when they work in one account together.

Working together in the same account makes it possible for teams to:

  • Set product and marketing strategies that deliver on overall business goals
  • Improve visibility into cross-functional work and coordinate planning efforts
  • Link records and track dependencies across releases and programs
  • Analyze product and marketing data together in the same reporting tool

Both product and marketing workspaces are available in all trial and paid accounts. If you are already using Aha! for product management, you can add as many marketing workspaces as you like to your existing account at no additional cost. (Pricing is based on the quantity and the roles of users in your account, which varies by plan.) Adding a marketing workspace will not impact your current account setup or how your product information is organized.

Add marketing workspaces

Create marketing lines and workspaces to set strategy, create schedules, manage activities, and track requests. To add a marketing workspace, navigate to account settings and select Add marketing workspace.


Marketing workspaces are different from product workspaces in a few key ways. Mainly, the terminology was designed for marketing teams. So, instead of a product line, you have a marketing line. Likewise, there are different names for records types — instead of features, you have activities.

As you are getting up to speed, check out our quick start guides. The "Add a marketing workspace" guide will be beneficial as you begin to organize your marketing hierarchy. Start adding marketing schedules and activities right away — or explore a demo marketing organization to try out the functionality.

If you need help, email us at — we will respond fast.

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