Invite your marketing team to use Aha!

There are two options for existing Aha! customers to invite teammates to start using Aha! too.

  • Option 1: If your team knows that they would like to start using marketing workspaces, a billing administrator can immediately add them as a paid user to your account via Settings > Account > Billing.
  • Option 2: If your marketing team wants to try Aha! before being permanently added to your account, contact our Customer Success team at We can provide a free 14-day trial that allows you to add additional users to your paid account at no cost. When the trial ends, trial users will automatically be deactivated from the account. You will not be charged for the trial users unless you elect to make them full paid users in your account.

How the trial works

Once the trial is enabled by our Customer Success team, a billing administrator in your account can add new users or edit existing users through Settings > Account > Users. Both the Add user and Edit user pages will have a new Trial user checkbox. Checking this checkbox will mark the user as a temporary trial user and allow them to be placed in paid user roles within your account at no cost.

At the end of the free 14-day trial period, any user that is still marked as a trial user will be automatically deactivated. However, the data they created during the trial period will remain in the account.

Converting trial users to paid users

If trial users decide that they want to continue to use Aha! before the free 14-day trial ends, simply uncheck the Trial user checkbox for them. If they are in a user role that requires a paid license on your subscription plan, they will automatically consume a license if you have any available. If your account has no additional licenses, you will be prompted to first add licenses through Settings > Account > Billing.

If trial users decide that they want to continue to use Aha! after the free 14-day trial ends, that is fine too. The trial users will have been deactivated, but you can activate them again by unchecking the Trial user checkbox and then clicking the Allocate seat or Activate user button based on if they are in a paid or free user role.

Remember, any user licenses added to your subscription will be prorated for the remainder of the billing term.


There is no cost for your existing users to start using marketing workspaces. And there is no cost for other users to try marketing workspaces for 14 days if you contact us and we enable the trial for your account as is described above.

Pricing in Aha! is still based on the total number of paid seats set up in an account. You are only charged when you add new paid seats to manage your existing products or new marketing workspaces.

Please contact our team of product and marketing experts with any questions. Email us at and we will do our best to respond in about an hour.


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