Invite team members to collaborate

Invite team members to collaborate

Launching breakthrough marketing campaigns is a collaborative process that works best when teams are working together. In Aha!, it’s easy to invite new users into your account to start collaborating on a new product launch or marketing effort.

Invite a new user

To invite a new user into Aha!, click the + icon in the top-right corner of your account. Then, set their user permissions.


Collaborate with your team

Aha! allows you to have strategic conversations right where you need to collaborate — on to-dos, activities, schedules, programs, or notes. Here are a few tools to help you communicate across teams:

@Mentions — Use the @ symbol followed by an Aha! user’s name to automatically add a user as a watcher or a comment subscriber so your teams stay informed.

#Mentions — Use the # symbol followed by the name or reference ID of an activity, request, or schedule to add a quick link.

Watchers — Add yourself or a teammate as a watcher to an Aha! record by clicking the + icon below the Watchers section of the record. Even if the record is not assigned to them, watchers are included in any update notifications.

To-dos — Assign to-dos to your team to help refine a feature or review your work. Click the + icon in the to-dos section of an Aha! record or in the upper-right corner of your screen to assign to-dos to your team.

What's next? 

  1. Add a marketing workspace
  2. Visualize your plan with a live calendar
  3. You are here.
  4. Integrate Aha! with your favorite tools (Google Analytics, Slack, and more!)
  5. Share your marketing plan with others


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