Visualize your plan with a live calendar

Aha! helps your team plan and track upcoming deliverables with a live, interactive calendar. The calendar brings your planning efforts together on a single screen where you can see, share, and modify your marketing plans for the weeks and months ahead.

The calendar is designed to help you plan breakthrough marketing campaigns by keeping you and your team aware of delivery timelines on initiatives, master activities, schedules, phases, activities, and to-dos.


Manage your calendar

You can add as many calendars as you would like. To add a new calendar:

  1. Log into Aha! and choose a marketing line or workspace from the hierarchy dropdown on the top-left side of your screen.
  2. Navigate to Plans > Calendar and choose Add calendar. If you have not set up a calendar yet, the calendar will load by default with a calendar type of Activity due date.
  3. Choose the calendar type.
  4. Click Create.

Once you have created a calendar, your records will populate on the calendar and stay up to date whenever a record is updated. You can also drag records without dates directly onto the report from the calendar drawer.

Calendars can be saved and shared using the Plans > Calendar > Views dropdown. You can also manage calendars that you have created from the Roadmaps > Overview page. Calendars can also be shared and presented to key stakeholders using Aha! presentations.

What's next?

  1. Add a marketing workspace
  2. You are here.
  3. Invite team members to collaborate
  4. Integrate Aha! with your favorite tools (Google Analytics, Slack, and more!)
  5. Share your marketing plan with others


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