Explore a demo marketing organization in your account

Note: This article will introduce you to a demo marketing organization for your Aha! account. For a tour of a demo product management use case, please see this article

We created Fredwin Cycling Marketing as a fictitious marketing organization in Aha! to help you get started. The example data is designed to give you an idea of how Aha! can be used to define activities, set strategy, and build visual marketing plans.

All Aha! trials are fully functional — including the ability to set up integrations. This means that you can start adding your own workspaces, schedules, and activities at any time (even after starting with the demo organization). If you already have marketing plans in another tool, you can import your data into Aha! by uploading from a CSV file.

Once you become comfortable with Aha! by using the demo organization or creating your own demo marketing workspace, you can easily delete all demo data and start building your actual workspace or marketing lines with your team.

Add a demo marketing organization

Demo marketing organizations are available for paid and trial accounts by navigating to Settings > Account > Profile and scrolling down to the section Demo data. From there, you will see two options for demo marketing organizations — by team function or by customer segment. Click Add demo to add one of the example marketing organizations to your account.

Below is an overview of what is available in the Fredwin Cycling Marketing (by function) demo organization.

Marketing lines and hierarchy

Once you have added a demo marketing line to your account, expand the dropdown next to the home icon that says Fredwin Cycling Marketing. This shows a two-level hierarchy structured by marketing function. In this example, Fredwin Cycling Marketing is the overall marketing line with dedicated workspaces for product marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and communications teams grouped within it.

You can add as many levels, marketing lines, and workspaces to your hierarchy as you need. This allows you to structure your Aha! account to reflect the design of your organization.



You will find goals and initiatives already set in each of the functional workspaces. Goals and initiatives can be linked together and/or to specific master activities and activities, which helps you visualize and reinforce your marketing strategy.


Strategy templates

Aha! includes many templates to build and visualize your strategy. Templates include:

  • Business models: Strategy > Model > Add strategic model
  • Positioning: Strategy > Positioning > Add positioning
  • Creative briefs: Strategy > Creative brief > Add creative brief



Each workspace includes a set of sample requests. To make the Requests section of the application visible in your account, you will need to update your navigation settings. You can do this using the pencil icon located on the menu bar. Click Navigation and then select Requests. Once enabled, view a list of requests and their statuses on the Requests > List page.

Click on a request to view the details. Give each request an Aha! score to visualize the relative value and effort for each request on the Requests > Chart page. Promote the best requests into activities. You can also create a requests portal to capture requests from colleagues, partners, and customers.



Three example schedules are available in each marketing workspace. Each schedule uses the default template to show phases and milestones which is available on the Plans > Gantt page. You can set up your own release template with custom phases and milestones under Settings > Product > Schedule phases and milestones.


Activities board

A wide range of marketing activities are included in the demo marketing line with links to goals and initiatives. Each activity is scored using the Aha! scorecard which helps you weigh business value against effort. Click on an activity to see its details. Use parking lots to organize upcoming work that is planned but not yet scheduled. You can create new parking lots by expanding the Parking lot drawer, then click Add column.

Each workspace also includes example master activities. To enable master activities, go to Settings > Workspace > Configure. Once enabled, you can switch between viewing master activities and activities on the board. Master activities allow you to group activities together to accomplish a common objective. For example, in the digital marketing workspace, a group of related activities is assigned to a master activity that will launch a lead scoring system.



Reports let you analyze your marketing data using highly customizable list tables, pivot tables, and charts. To get started quickly, navigate to Roadmaps > Dashboard > Overview. You will find more than 50 example reports that we created to help you get up and running. For example, select the Activities folder and choose List Table: Activity status. This will generate a report that lists the sample marketing activities in the selected workspace and their status.


After you have gone through the demo marketing line, it is time to add your own marketing workspace.

To delete the demo marketing line, navigate to Settings > Account > Configure products and marketing workspaces and click the Delete button that appears to the right of the marketing line.

Getting started

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