Create a marketing workspace hierarchy

Aha! helps you launch breakthrough campaigns by introducing strategy at each level of your marketing organization. It can be configured for almost any marketing team size and/or organizational structure. The first step when setting up Aha! is to configure your hierarchy to reflect the design of your organization.

How does your marketing team work today?

A marketing hierarchy is composed of marketing lines and workspaces. Aha! can work with any marketing team size or structure.

A marketing workspace is an area where you can manage activities, master activities, and schedules that share a common purpose. Workspaces are often defined in terms of market, functional group, or region. Examples of marketing workspaces include:

  • Market: Consumer, small and medium businesses (SMB), enterprise
  • Functional group: Product marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, communications
  • Region: North America; Asia Pacific; Latin America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa

A marketing line is a group of workspaces that are aligned to a common entity in the design of your organization. Marketing lines often represent a high-level organizational separation. Marketing lines are normally broken out by:

  • Company name
  • Marketing team
  • Division or business unit

Setup and configuration

You can set up as many workspaces and marketing lines as you would like. Aha! will automatically use your account name as a top-level marketing line to get you started. The top-level marketing line also gives you a space to set top-level strategy and link it to work done in nested product lines and workspaces. This makes it easy to have corporate-level goals and marketing line initiatives that tie to them.


You can set the right hierarchy for your marketing organization by doing the following:

  • Under the top-level entity, add marketing lines to represent the various divisions and marketing workspaces across your company.
  • Next, add the individual marketing workspaces under their parent marketing lines.

You can add marketing lines from Settings > Account > Configure marketing workspaces.

  1. Click on Add marketing line.
  2. Select the parent marketing line to which it belongs (if one exists).
  3. Enter a marketing line name, type, optional description, and prefix.
  4. If you have already added workspaces, select those which should be included within this marketing line. Then, click Create marketing line.

Note: Marketing lines with equivalent types will be grouped on equivalent levels of the hierarchy report. A marketing line also inherits its terminology in the top level navigation menu from its type.

  • It may be helpful to select consistent type nomenclature across your Aha! account before you start creating marketing lines (for example, "Company > Division > Subdivision > Workspace," or "Organization > Team > Group > Workspace"). You can also edit this field at any time if your account's nomenclature needs to change. 
  • There are situations where you might want to have inconsistent nomenclature in your account — if you want to ensure that no one will be able to accidentally report on one workspace's initiatives under a different marketing line's goals, for example. 

Next, add your marketing workspaces.

  1. Click on Add marketing workspace.
  2. Select the marketing line to which it belongs (if one exists).
  3. Enter a name, optional description, and prefix. Then, click Create marketing workspace.


After you add your marketing lines and workspaces, you will see them in the dropdown located on the menu bar. Remember that you must have permission to view and modify workspaces. To add users and modify user permissions, navigate to Settings > Account > Users.


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