Share your marketing plan with others

Sharing your strategy with key stakeholders is critical to the success of your marketing organization. In Aha!, you can use presentations to present your marketing plans and keep stakeholders informed and aligned with your strategy.

You can add nearly any page from Aha! to a live presentation slide. When you are on a page that you wish to add, click the More options button to add the view to a presentation. Add as many views as you need, then share the presentation with your team.

Likewise, any view that can be added to a presentation can also be saved as an image or a PDF. Then, take the exported files from Aha! and add them into a document or presentation. To save a view as an image, click the More options button and select Save as image. To save a view as a PDF, click the More options button and select Save as PDF.

Share your presentation

Share your marketing plans using the Roadmaps > Presentations > Overview page. A presentation can be shared as a PDF or a web page. Both options allow you to share your visual presentation with anyone, whether or not they have an Aha! user account.

  • The Generate PDF option allows you to export your presentation to a PDF document.
  • The Update web page option allows you to share your presentation in a click-through presentation using a randomly generated, secure URL. Presentation URLs can be made publicly available or they can be secured using passwords, SSO, or IP-based access controls.

To edit your presentation , click on the presentation name from the Presentations > Overview page. Then, click Edit on a presentation slide to customize it. Customization capabilities include the ability to annotate a slide, add multiple views to a single slide, and add blank slides.

Any presentation can be deleted, but we recommend you simply revoke access if you no longer want to share a presentation as a web page. To remove the web page presentation, click the More options button on the top right of the page and select Delete web page presentation.

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