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An important first step when setting up Aha! is to define your marketing hierarchy. Your marketing hierarchy is made up of the various marketing lines and workspaces that form your marketing organizational structure. Typically, a marketing hierarchy includes the functional groups, divisions, and/or markets that your company uses to segment your marketing team(s).

Marketing workspace — a collaborative environment where a team can manage activities and schedules that share a common purpose. Workspaces are the foundational areas where marketing plans are created, managed, and delivered.

Marketing line — a hierarchical grouping that allows you to create a nested structure that reflects the design of your marketing team. By default, every new account will automatically have a marketing line created that represents your organization’s name.

Since workspaces are where fundamental building blocks like activities and schedules reside, it is very important to define your workspaces correctly. Taking what should be a single workspace and breaking it up into multiple workspaces can lead to confusion and extra work. On the flipside, taking what should be multiple workspaces and defining them as a single workspace can result in overly broad environments that can be challenging to manage.

If you are considering whether to define your workspace as one workspace or multiple workspaces, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Does the potential workspace deliver work on its own independent schedule?
  2. Does the potential workspace manage its own workflows, data types, and statuses?
  3. Does the potential workspace have its own strategy?

If your answer is no to all three, it should generally be a single Aha! workspace.

If your answer is yes to all three, then you should generally have multiple workspaces.

If your answers are a mix of both, then you should start with a single workspace. You can always add workspaces later. A single workspace is generally an easier starting point for most teams.

If you have questions, reach out to our customer success team at and we will be happy to help.

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  2. Visualize your plan with a live calendar
  3. Invite team members to collaborate
  4. Integrate Aha! with your favorite tools (Google Analytics, Slack, and more!)
  5. Share your marketing plan with others


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