Troubleshoot Jira configuration issues

Integrating Aha! with Jira typically goes smoothly. However, it takes some upfront thinking to learn how you can best make the integration work for your team and your workflow. And sometimes, you just have a unique configuration that takes extra effort to get the integration working. 

The articles below address the most common integration customers experience when integration Aha! with Jira. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need any assistance.

  • Feature status mapping is not inherited from integration configuration template - Link
  • Updates in Jira are not reflected in Aha! - Link 
  • Double comments are added to Aha! from Jira - Link
  • Attachments from Aha! are being duplicated in Jira - Link
  • Jira time based estimates are inflated from Aha! estimates - Link
  • Epic name or description not updated from Jira to Aha! (integrations 1.0) - Link
  • Requirements won't change features when linked Jira issues are moved - Link
  • Migrating Jira servers or changing Jira URL domain - Link
  • Moving Aha! features to a new product broke the link with Jira issues - Link
  • A field in Aha! is not being sent over to Jira - Link
  • Setting original and remaining estimate is not supported in Jira legacy mode - Link
  • User email matches but assignee or reporter are not properly set in Jira - Link 
  • Issues in Jira are linked to a Fix Version created by Aha!but they are not pushed to Aha! - Link 
  • Dependencies are not sent through to Jira - Link




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