Define your positioning

Product positioning is a critical element of your product strategy. Positioning articulates the market problems that your product solves and what makes your product stand out from the competition. Strong product positioning is developed and shared with marketers who create messaging and content that plays to your strengths in a market.

Create your positioning

Like all Aha! strategy records, positioning can be created at the product or product-line level within your account. You will need to be a product owner or a contributor in Aha! to create and edit positioning. 


The first time you go to the Strategy > Positioning page, you will be prompted with a button to Add positioning. You can start with an Example template or you can choose a Shared template created by someone else in your account.

The product positioning document is highly customizable. Click Add component to add a new section and description to your positioning. To move a component, hover over the title bar until you see the arrows icon, then drag the component to the desired location on the document.

Add a positioning template

If you need to create multiple product positioning documents in the same format, it can be helpful to create a template. To create a product positioning template, you will need to be a product owner in Aha! and navigate to Settings > Product > Positioning to create your own template.

From there, click Add template to create a new template. You can name the template, create it either from scratch or with one of our examples, categorize the template, and then decide how it is shared. Templates created at the product-line level in Aha! can be shared across all products within the product line. Templates created at the product level are only available within that specific product.

Once the template has been created, it can be accessed by clicking Add positioning then Shared templates on the Strategy > Positioning page. When using a shared template, the description values are all that can be edited. The order and names of components are locked and only editable on the main template. This is to help ensure that there is consistency across the use of the custom template.

Share your positioning

As with every visual in Aha!, you can share your positioning with others by clicking the More options button on the top-right corner to create an Aha! presentation, image, or PDF.

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