Bulk edit records

It's often easier to update records in bulk than it is to edit each one individually. The Roadmaps > List page allows you to bulk edit most record types, including goals, initiatives, releases, master features, features, requirements, ideas, and to-dos. 

Considerations before converting or moving records

Bulk editing is a simple and powerful tool, and as such it is worth considering the exact effects of your edits before you click the Apply button. We have put contextual warnings in the Bulk edit modal to give you a few tips, and this article can expand on the concept.

When you bulk edit records, your edits might affect fields that you didn't intend to change. Moving a record to a release in a different product can move it into a new workflow, for example, with access to different statuses. Converting a record to a new type might change the number of custom fields available. To keep you from making a change that you will have to manually undo, we put the following parameters around bulk editing.

When you opt to convert records via the bulk edit function, Aha! will only transfer a field's value from the original to the edited record if:

  • That field is available in the new record type (requirements, for example, have fewer fields than features)
  • That field is a status and the edited record will use the exact same workflow as the original record (note: not a copy of the exact workflow). 
  • That field is a custom field and the edited record uses the same API key for the custom field.
  • That field is an integration field and the edited record uses the same integration.

In short, the bulk edit modal will only map a field to the edited record if it can be absolutely sure that that mapping is relevant. 

Note: if you are converting a record from one type to another, or moving it from one location to another, the Initiative field will never transfer from the original to the edited record. You will need to update this yourself. This ensures that no initiative is incorrectly linked to an edited record. 

Bulk editing records

When you select one or more records in the report, the Bulk edit button appears. You can bulk edit any records that you have the permissions to edit. 

When you click Bulk edit, you'll get the option to edit data for the currently selected primary record type in the following ways:

  • Change standard and custom fields
  • Send records to your development tool, such as Jira, Azure DevOps Server, and other configured integrations
  • Add or remove linked strategic goals, initiatives, or master features
  • Delete records

Once you've selected the information you'd like to update, click the Apply button to quickly update all of the selected records. You can also click the Delete <record type> button to bulk-delete your selected records. 

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