Set the update frequency of Aha! views

Aha! views captured within presentation slides each have their own update frequency options. This is powerful functionality as it enables teams to create presentations that do not need regular maintenance as progress is made in the Aha! application.

While editing a slide in your presentation, click on the Aha! view that you wish to update. You will have a View option on the right sidebar that allows selecting one of three update frequency options.

  • Live update: Automatically updates the page every time the data is changed in Aha!
  • Refresh on update: Only updates the page when the manual Update secure webpage button is clicked.
  • Manual snapshot: Creates a static, point-in-time reference of the page.


You can also choose the Autofit setting for the selected view to specify how the view will handle data when it overflows the size of the container.

  • Allow view to overflow container: When this is enabled, the view will grow larger as the content within the view increases.
  • Shrink view to fit container: When this is enabled, the size of the container is fixed. As content within the view grows larger, the content will decrease in size to fit within the container.

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