Publish an Aha! notebook

Aha! notebooks provide an easy way to organize roadmaps, reports, and other information from your Aha! account into a presentation format and then share it with external audiences. Once your notebook is ready, you can publish it as a secure web notebook or PDF, depending on your needs.


Web notebooks

Web notebooks are externally accessible pages that allow your stakeholders to access the pages in Aha! you elect to share. Each page can have its own update method.

  1. Click on a slide within a notebook.
  2. Click the Aha! view located on the slide.
  3. Select one of these options from the View menu on the right-hand sidebar:
    • Live update: Automatically updates the page every time the data is changed in Aha!
    • Refresh on update: Only updates the page when the manual Update web page button is clicked.
    • Manual snapshot: Creates a static, point-in-time reference of the page.


Web notebook controls

While browsing a web notebook, there are control options located at the bottom-right that allow you to navigate forward and backward, enable autoplay, access the table of contents, and toggle to view a full-screen version of the notebook.


Notebook publishing configuration

The publishing configurations for your notebook are located under the Customize notebook option on the top-left of the page. This will present a set of configuration options:

  • General
    • Footer: The text entered here displays at the bottom of both web and PDF notebooks.
  • Web page
    • Slide transitions: Allows enabling and disabling of the page-flipping animation when transitioning between pages in a web notebook.
    • Autoplay slide duration: The time in seconds between slide transitions during autoplay.
    • Password: Enables password protection for the notebook. Users will be required to enter the password before accessing content within the notebook.
    • Enhanced security: Allows toggling whether the notebook is visible publicly to anyone with access to the URL or if it is only available to Aha! users. Customers on the Enterprise+ plan will have the additional option of notebook SSO.
  • PDF
    • Optimize for: Allows toggling whether the PDF notebook is optimized for viewing or printing. Optimizing for viewing removes page size constraints.
    • Paper size: Defines the paper size to be used when the PDF is optimized for printing.
    • Orientation: Choose between portrait or landscape orientation of pages within the PDF.


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