Create a 9Ps Marketing Matrix strategic model

The 9Ps Marketing Matrix helps you identify the key marketing attributes for success. Identify your product, how you will distribute or communicate its benefits to your customers, and who will help you to do so. By setting this framework, you can ensure that you are preparing yourself for a successful marketing approach.

Aha! provides a 9Ps Marketing Matrix template as part of the example templates available on the Strategy > Models page. Simply click Add model and select 9Ps Marketing Matrix from the Example templates page.

With the 9Ps Marketing Matrix template added, you are free to customize as you wish. Simply click Add component to add additional components to the template, drag and drop the existing components to rearrange the layout, or click on any component to edit the details.


Standard components

While some teams may wish to fully customize the 9Ps Marketing Matrix model to their specific needs, we also provide a template that includes standard components.

  • Price: The amount it costs a customer to purchase your product.
  • Place: The method of distribution for your product.
  • Promotion: The channels you use to communicate about your product.
  • People: The individuals who help to deliver your product.
  • Product: The primary way you satisfy the customer's needs.
  • Process: How you deliver your product to customers.
  • Partners: Other organizations who help you build or sell your product.
  • Physical environment: The space in which you interact with customers to deliver your product.
  • Positioning: How you describe the key attributes of your product.

Share your strategic model

As with every visual in Aha!, you can share your strategic model with others by clicking More options on the top-right corner to create an Aha! presentation, image, or PDF.

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