Create a Lean Canvas strategic model

Lean Canvas is a one-page business template that helps organizations deconstruct an idea into its key assumptions. Articulate your strategic building blocks by filling in the data that relates to your organization to help you better understand whether you should pursue the opportunity.

Aha! provides a Lean Canvas template as part of the example templates available on the Strategy > Models page. Simply click Add model and select Lean Canvas from the Example templates page.

With the Lean Canvas template added, you are free to customize as you wish. Simply click Add component to add additional components to the template, drag and drop the existing components to rearrange the layout, or click on any component to edit the details.



Included components

To help save you time, we provide a template to start from that includes the standard Lean Canvas components: 

  • Problem: List your top 1-3 problems.
  • Solution: Outline a possible solution for each problem.
  • Key metrics: List the key numbers that tell you how your business or product is doing.
  • Unique value proposition: A single, clear, and compelling message that states why you are different and worth paying attention to.
  • Unfair advantage: What your product has that that cannot be easily bought or copied.
  • Channels: Outline your path to customers both inbound and outbound.
  • Customer segments: List your target customers and users.
  • Cost structure: List your fixed and variable costs.
  • Revenue streams: List your sources of revenue.

Share your strategic model

As with every visual in Aha!, you can share your strategic model with others by clicking More options on the top-right corner to create an Aha! presentation, image, or PDF.

Based on work by Leanstack and Business Model Foundry licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

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