Create a segment profile strategic model

The segment profile model helps you assess how attractive each market segment is, enables you to more effectively decide whether you should pursue them, and if so, how you should do it. You can use this model to describe the characteristics of your segment along with the market factors impacting them.

Aha! provides a segment profile template as part of the example templates available on the Strategy > Models page. Simply click Add model and select Segment profile from the Example templates modal.

With the segment profile added, you are free to customize as you wish. Simply click Add component to add additional components to the template, drag and drop the existing components to rearrange the layout, or click on any component to edit the details.



Standard components

While some teams may wish to fully customize the segment profile model to their specific needs, we also provide a template that includes standard components.

  • Geographic: What is the region or other location for this segment?
  • Demographic: What similar characteristics does the segment have?
  • Behavioral: What typical actions can be observed?
  • Psychographic: What are the common beliefs of this segment?
  • Size: How large is this segment?
  • Growth potential: At what rate will this segment grow?
  • Competitive activity: How many other companies are also trying to serve this segment?
  • Risk: What is the likelihood of success in serving the segment?
  • Approach: How will you successfully serve this segment?

Share your strategic model

As with every visual in Aha!, you can share your strategic model with others by clicking More options on the top-right corner to create an Aha! presentation, image, or PDF.

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