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You can use pie charts to visually show your product data and quickly assess the information presented. In this article, we use Ideas by status as an example. Outlined below is the three-step process to create a pie chart.


This article outlines the three-step process required to create a pie chart in Aha!

Step 1. Create a pivot report

To create a pie chart, you need to start by creating a new pivot report. This is where you select the data you want to display in the chart and format it in a way that will automatically convert to a pie chart.

1.  Select Roadmaps > Pivot
2.  Click Add report.
3.  In the Create a new pivot report window:

  • Click Create a custom pivot report or
  • Select a report example from the list on the right.

Step 2. Choose data columns and filters

You can now choose the columns and filters to display in the pie chart. It is important to remember that all data displayed will be in relation to the first data table you add.

1. On the report page, click the Add data icon.

2.  In the Select Data for Pivot table window, select the columns to display in the chart, and then click Done.

  • The Rows section must only contain one column containing a single row of data. If there is more than one column in that section, you will receive an error message when you convert the report to a pie chart. If there are multiple rows of data only the first row will be displayed in the pie chart.

Important: When you select the first column, future selections will change based on the first selection. This ensures that your table has valid data objects that can be pivoted against each other. Refer to creating a pivot chart for more details.

  • The values for the field displayed in the pivot cell columns (e.g., Idea status shown in the Columns area in the example below) will form the foundation of the slices in the pie chart.

The unique number of pivot cell values (e.g., Idea name shown in the Cells areas in the example below) represents the count for each pie slice.


Step 3. Convert pivot report to a pie chart

After you have the correct data represented in the pivot report, you can convert the report to a pie chart.

1.  On the pivot report, click the Chart data icon, and then click the Customize view icon.
2.  In the Chart Editor window, click on the Charts tab.
3.  Select Pie, and then choose a layout.



4.  Click OK.

  • If you want to customize the data that displays on the pie chart (such as title, percentages, colors, or fonts), see Create a chart.


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