Share information outside of Aha!

Aha! makes it easy to create and share your product roadmaps with colleagues and customers. Nearly every record, roadmap, and report in Aha! can be easily shared using the Export button located at the top-right corner of most pages and views. Use this to share what you see as either an image, PDF, or Notebook. 


The Save as image option is useful for quickly sharing a view in an email or embedding it within a presentation tool. A preview of the image will be displayed and you can either right-click and save the image or click the Download button to save a high-quality PNG image file to your computer. 


The Save as PDF option allows you to export your current view as a PDF document. Based on your needs, you can choose to optimize the output for either viewing or printing.

  • Viewing: Provides a version of the page optimized for digital viewing. This is perfect for when you do not expect users to print the PDF and you have content to share that does not reasonably fit within the constraints of a printed page.
  • Printing: Provides a version of the page optimized for printing. This gives you additional options for orientation as well as paper size. Choose from landscape or portrait orientation, and select your paper size from various standard paper size options.



The Add to Notebook option gives you the unique ability to organize a collection of roadmaps and other views from within Aha! in a presentation format and publish them as a Notebook via a secure web page or PDF download. 

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