Integrate Aha! with OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive for Business makes it easy to securely store and share all of your files, including key documents, wireframes, or detailed mockups, from a single place. As you work on your product strategy, releases, and features, you will likely want to reference shared files without having to leave Aha!

With the OneDrive integration, you can instantly access key documents when you need them and link them to your work in Aha! Even better, everyone can stay perfectly in sync because as updates are made to files in OneDrive, Aha! is always linked to the latest.

Here is how it works.


All of the storage service integrations are managed on a per-user basis. This means each Aha! user can log into their Aha! account and go to Settings > Personal and enable the integration as shown below.

With the integration enabled, OneDrive will be an option any time you click an Attach files link within Aha! This means you can associate files stored on OneDrive to your Aha! Features, Releases, Initiatives and more. You can directly attach the OneDrive file to Aha! as well as opt to open it within OneDrive for editing purposes.

Once a document is linked from OneDrive, any updates to the document within OneDrive will automatically be reflected in Aha! This helps save time as you will not have to re-upload the file every time it changes.

Advanced security controls

While each user has the ability to connect to their own OneDrive account, the Account Administrator in Aha! has the option to disable storage services if the organization has security controls in place prohibiting their use. This is managed through Settings > Account > Security and single sign-on.

It is also important to note that for security purposes this integration is not a two-way integration. You can link files shared in OneDrive to Aha! but you cannot add data from Aha! to OneDrive.


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