Create a central product to manage all ideas

Idea portals allow users to submit ideas for enhancements to products and are typically set up for a specific product or a set of products. Each product manager on your team can then distinctly manage and prioritize the new ideas for the products he or she owns. If an idea portal is set up for a portfolio of products, those ideas may also be reviewed by the product managers as a team.

There are instances where ideas are not specific to a single product, or your customers may not know which product their idea applies to. When this is the case, we recommend creating a single "idea product" to provide your users a central location to submit their ideas to, and for your product managers to gain the ability to review ideas spanning multiple products. This is a great solution to simplify the user experience and gather ideas that may tie into several products.

Getting started

  • Define a new product.  This product will serve as a place for your new ideas. It can be as simple as <company name> Ideas (e.g. Acme Ideas). 
  • Set up an ideas portal for this product.  You may choose to make this portal submit-only, private or public.
  • Decide on the appropriate role for each of the product team members and whether to add them as watchers for the new portal product in the Ideas -> Overview page. Adding them as watchers will result in them receiving an email notification for any idea related event for this product.

Manage and promote ideas to features or initiatives

  • Set up a review process for new ideas. The team can meet to decide if ideas should be transferred to another product for further vetting or be promoted directly to an initiative or feature backlog for a product.

  • To move a single idea to another product, click on the idea in the application to open the drawer page and modify the product field. To move multiple ideas to another product en masse, go to Ideas -> List and select the ideas to move. You can then assign the ideas to another product using the Bulk Edit feature.


Considerations with this approach

Taking this centralized "idea product" approach for capturing ideas across a suite of products can create simplicity for the person submitting the idea. However, here are a few considerations to discuss with before deciding on this approach for your team. 

  • You are unable to have unique idea submission fields per product since you are capturing all ideas at a single entity level. You need to put some thought into the required idea custom fields you wish to include in the idea submission form to capture key information spanning the suite of products.
  • You may opt to use product names as idea categories which can then be selected as part of the idea submission process. This may be helpful when reviewing ideas that have been submitted to the product team to enable quick segmentation of the ideas. 
  • Once an idea is moved to another product, the idea will no longer be visible in this new general ideas portal. This assumes the products don't share the same portal which would be the case with this approach.  Note: This only applies when moving the idea across products. This does not occur when the idea is promoted to an initiative or feature for a different product. 

For more information about managing ideas, read this.

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