Visualize dependencies

Managing the relationships between all of the work going on within or across products can be a daunting task. But product managers often have critical dependencies that exist which can block the completion of work downstream.

That is why we provide an interactive dependency map to allow product teams to visualize any dependencies that exist across their product portfolio. This includes dependencies between initiatives, releases, features, ideas, notes, release phases, and release milestones.


How it works

You can create dependencies throughout Aha! by clicking the More options button and selecting Link to another record. Visualizing these dependencies is easy — just click the Visualize link next to the list of record links to open up the dependency map.

The dependency map will open up and be centered around the record you opened it from, highlighting the preceding and succeeding relationships. It will also display the details between the linked objects and how they are related. You can zoom in and out on the view to show more or fewer dependencies, then use the More options button to share the information with your team as an image, PDF, or Aha! presentation.

You can also visualize dependencies across multiple records by creating a dependency report

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