Sync tags between Aha! and Rally (integrations 1.0)

Note: This support article refers to the historical 1.0 version of the Aha! integration with Rally.

  • If you are looking for details about how to setup the Rally 2.0 integration, reference this article.
  • If you're looking for details about how to setup field mappings for Rally 2.0 integration including tags fields, reference this article.

Tags are a powerful way to capture additional detail about features such as priority, associated components, customers who requested the feature, and more. Tags are easy to use but play a big role in helping teams communicate and implement what customers need and want.

The integration between Aha! and Rally supports the two-way syncing of tags. This helps keep the product team in Aha! and the development team in Rally aligned with the data each team is capturing within tags in their respective tools.

To enable tag syncing, simply check the check box on the Rally integration configuration within Aha! The integration configuration will be located at the bottom of the page within Settings ⚙️> Workspace which requires owner access.


Enabling tag syncing for existing integrations

Many teams get started with an integration and then adopt new workflows over time. If your team is considering enabling tag syncing with an established integration between Aha! and Rally, there are key considerations in order to get the systems caught up and in sync with each other.

  • Existing tags in Aha! that do not exist in Rally: You will want to use the Features -> List view to perform a bulk update in Aha! and update Rally. This is important because if Rally updates Aha! before you do this, you can risk having whatever value Rally has in the tag field overwrite Aha!
  • Existing tags in Rally that do not exist in Aha!: While you cannot trigger an update from Rally to Aha! in the same way you can update Aha! to Rally, you can use the bulk edit functionality within Rally to cause the integration webhook to update Aha! with the data. A simple change such as adding a new tag across your data and then subsequently removing it will force an update. This is important because if users in Aha! update features, the Aha! feature tag value will overwrite the tag value in Rally. This Rally document explains how to bulk edit within Rally:


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