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As a Product Manager, you probably have a running list of ideas and feedback you have collected from your employees or customers. Maybe it’s in a shared Google document; maybe you will have to sort through some emails. Whatever format your list is currently in, Import from CSV makes it easy to upload portal users and ideas to your newly configured idea portal.

The recommended best practice when setting up a new idea portal with existing feedback is to import your portal users first and the ideas second. 

1. Import idea portal users

Idea portals were designed to be networks for you to communicate and engage with your product users. When you import users via Import from CSV, we give you the option to choose whether or not to send those users an email invitation to the idea portal. This gives them the opportunity to opt-in to participation by creating a login associated with their email address. If you have multiple idea portals, make sure you have a separate CSV file of users for each unique portal.

We create and validate portal users by email so we can notify them of idea progress. You will not be able to import a CSV file that contains duplicate emails or emails of users that already exist in that portal. If you see a "Portal user already exists" error displayed upon import, remove that user from the CSV file and try again.

After portal users have been added, you are ready to import your ideas.

2. Import ideas

Just like features, ideas are managed on a product level within Aha! This means you will need to separate your ideas into CSV files for each product. Even if you are supporting multiple products within the same portal, ideas are imported to a specific product.

Idea portals allow your users to see the ideas they have submitted historically and the updates that have been made over time. Because the submitter is linked to ideas within the portal, we have made this a required field on the CSV import represented by the email (created_by) column. If the submitter email address does not already exist as a portal user, we will create the link to that email address for reporting purposes, but a portal invitation will not be sent.

Upon import, you will get a chance to review imported ideas before making them visible to the public. The default visibility for imported ideas is set by default to "Aha! users only" for this reason. However, if you want imported ideas to appear in the portal for your public portal users to view, comment, or vote on right away, you can set the visibility field of ideas to "public" in the CSV file. If you forget to set the visibility upon import, but you want your ideas visible, you can use Bulk Edit from the Ideas > List view to modify the visibility field once ideas are imported.

Additionally, any comments included in an idea import CSV file are preserved for Aha! users as private comments visible to Aha! users only. In this way, imported comments are distinguishable from conversations submitted directly in the portal. 

We do not assume that users who submitted ideas outside of the idea portal will want to receive email notifications from Aha! about that idea now that the idea has been imported. Therefore, submission confirmation emails are not sent for imported ideas, and the submitter of imported ideas is not automatically added as a subscriber. Idea portal users can login to the portal themselves at any time and choose to subscribe to any ideas for which they want to receive notification updates.

Once all idea portal users and ideas are imported, idea portal users will automatically be added as subscribers when they submit, vote, or comment on an idea from the portal. Idea portal users will also receive idea notification emails for any new ideas submitted directly in the portal.

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