Manage ideas portal spam

Gathering feedback is an invaluable part of the product management process, and idea portals make integrating this feedback process easy and seamless for teams.

Idea portals can also represent a public face for these same teams and their brands. This is why Aha! is committed to make it effortless to manage the content that gets posted to the idea portal; ensuring it is both relevant and appropriate.

Aha! handles this logic transparently and automatically.

To enable the spam filter for your portal, navigate to Settings > Account > Configure portal, click on a public or submit-only portal,  check the box for Enable idea spam filter. Once enabled, the spam filter will scan all new ideas and public comments.

Automatic spam filtering

Once enabled, spam filtering will take place automatically for all submitted ideas and comments on ideas, but there are additional controls in place to allow you to review spam and manage "false positives". Ideas or comments detected as spam will be moved into your Spam folder.

To view your spam folder, go to Settings > Account > Configure portal, click on a public or submit-only portal, and click on the Spam folder tab.

The ideas and idea comments that have been marked as spam will appear in the representative tabs in this view.

* Note: All ideas and idea comments marked as spam will be automatically deleted 30 days after they were created. You can permanently delete spam immediately, or mark them as "not spam."

Manual spam identification

It is important to understand that there are occasions where spam can be missed. In these cases Aha! provides the ability to manually mark ideas and idea comments as spam. There are two recommendations as it relates to managing ideas and idea comments:

  1. Do not delete ideas or comments if you feel they are spam -- mark them as spam. The Aha! spam filters have two levels of learning – global and local. Local learning is taught by the idea portal owners and occurs whenever something is marked as spam that is not spam, and when something is marked as "Not Spam" and Aha! thinks it is.
  2. Do not mark unwanted ideas or comments as spam -- manage these ideas through your processes and workflows, or simply delete these as appropriate.

There are times that Aha! may misidentify an idea or idea comment as spam (or not as spam). For these items, you can mark ideas and comments as spam or not spam when viewing each specific idea in Aha!

You can also mark ideas and idea comments as spam directly from within Aha! when you are managing your ideas and idea comments. To do this, click the More options menu on an idea, then click Mark as spam


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