How the release or schedule start date is determined

Note: Depending on your workspace type, this article may refer to Aha! record types differently than your team does. 

If you create a release using a template, the release's start date will be based on the start date of the earliest release phase or milestone, and the release end date will be based on the end date for the latest release phase or milestone.

Once you start adjusting your release by adding features, phases, or milestones to it, the release start date will not automatically update. So be sure to adjust it if you add earlier phases to your release. 

The start of the release burndown chart will be based on the Development started on date found in the release details.


Note: if you send a release from Aha! to a development tool through an integration, the Release start date will be determined by the field mapping you establish for that integration. For example, if you map the Development started on Aha! field to the Start date Jira field, then your release's start date in Jira will be determined by the day that the first feature is moved out of Not started status. 

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