Requirements do not change features when linked Jira issues are moved

Note: This document applies to Jira Server as the API available for Jira Server contains a bug that does not transmit webhook activity when the Epic Link value is changed on a Jira record. As such, Aha! is never notified of the change. As of December 2017, this issue was resolved on Jira Cloud.

This issue comes to light when a user has a mapping, such as —

  • Aha! feature = Jira epic
  • Aha! requirement = Jira story

— and attempts to change the epic association within Jira. The change is never communicated from Jira to Aha! and, as such, the association change never occurs in Aha!

Handling these changes requires the user to make the update in Aha!

If a requirement needs to be moved, you need to do the following:

  1. Within the requirement, click the More options button and select the Move to another feature option.
  2. Select the new parent feature you want to move the requirement to.
  3. If the feature that the requirement is moved to is already linked to a Jira epic, it will associate the story with the epic automatically.
  4. If the feature doesn't already exist in Jira as an epic, click More options then Resend all fields to trigger the requirement to sync to Jira, which will also send the parent epic.


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