Configure ideas settings

Use product-specific configurations to design how ideas are handled at your product level. You will want to consider these configurations and how they apply to your idea management process and the use of your product's idea portals.

To configure a product's ideas portal, navigate to Settings > Product > Ideas > Configure


  • Default Idea assignee: Select the Aha! user that ideas will be assigned to by default. This user is typically the person in your organization (like a product owner) responsible for the first stages of product feedback management.
  • Workflow for Ideas: Select and manage the workflow for ideas. Aha! Ideas by default will use the Aha! default workflow, but this may be customized to represent the specific workflow statuses and customer communication checkpoints (statuses you want to display on the portal) for your product.
  • Scorecard for Ideas: Select and manage the scorecard used for Ideas. Many will wish to keep this default, which is a simple Value/Effort scorecard meant to provide quick, scalable vetting of large volumes of incoming ideas. You may wish to customize the scorecard to represent your business value metrics for feedback or to carry over scorecard values to features when ideas are promoted.
  • Ideas via email: For submit only or public ideas portals, the e-mail listed can be provided to idea submitters to automatically create ideas submitted to that "To:" address.
  • Ideas portal for emailed ideas: For cases where product ideas are created in multiple Idea portals, choose the ideas portal in which the ideas and portal users will be created when emailing the address above.

Select the link to Edit the custom fields for ideas if additional information is needed for the capture, management, or for both aspects of your idea management.

You may also view and link to the different idea portals that service your product at the bottom of the page.

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