Customize the look and feel of feature cards

It is possible to completely customize the look and feel of your feature cards on the Features > Board and Features > Workflow pages. This enables quick access to critical information about your features without needing to click into the card's details. For the features board, you can also set a default layout in your product settings that everyone on your team can use.

In a single glance, you can easily identify key information on your feature cards, including assignee, goal and initiative names, due dates, and even custom fields. You can customize both the expanded and collapsed card views by product. You decide what info you want to highlight and where it goes.

How it works

You can customize your feature cards in two different places. If you customize them on the features board or features workflow page, the customization will be unique to you and will not impact others on your team. If you customize the card in your product settings, it will be set as the default view for all users of your product on the features board.

Navigate to either Features > Board or Features > Workflow and click the Customize cards button at the top of the page. This will open up a window allowing you to choose which information is displayed on either the thick or thin card view for your board. You can choose from any of the data fields displayed on your feature, including any custom field you may have added.


To create a custom card that is set for everyone accessing your product's features board, go to Settings > Product > Configure. This will allow you to use a custom feature card layout inherited from a parent product line or use a layout that you customized for your specific product.

Customize master feature cards

If you have master features enabled within your product, you will be able to customize the master feature cards as well. Just click into the Master feature Card tab to create the layout you prefer for both collapsed and expanded views.


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