Create a chart from list and pivot data

Aha! charts give you the ability to visually communicate product management information using the data captured in Aha! Once created, you can share your charts with the broader team or generate views for quarterly and annual business planning meetings.

Ultimately, this enables you to make better prioritization decisions and understand how well you are doing against your goals. It also keeps everyone up-to-date on what your team has accomplished.


Create a chart

  1. On the main menu, select Roadmaps > Chart.
  2. Click Add chart.
  3. List and pivot reports provide the foundation for chart reports. Choose one of the following options in the Create a new chart report window.
    • To create from scratch, click the Add list data or Add pivot data button depending on the type of chart you want to create.
    • Select an example chart from the list on the right.
      Note: Starting with example charts and viewing the underlying list or pivot report can be helpful for understanding the required data formatting for the different charts.
  4. From the list or pivot report page, add the data you want to display in the chart. You can choose from over 100 data types in Aha! — including any custom fields you might have added. Refer to the following articles for report formatting guidance on these charts.
  5. After the data has been added, click the Chart data button on the top-left of the report. This will take you back to the Roadmaps > Chart page with your data display in a default format. 
  6. Optional: If you want to change the default chart format options (such as title, axis labels, colors, etc.), click the gear icon to open the Chart Editor
  7. After you have completed your chart customizations, click OK.
    • To save the chart, select Views > Save view.
    • To add the chart to an Aha! presentation that you can share with the team, select More options and choose Add to presentation.

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