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The Reports > Chart screen is your go-to for communicating product management information visually. The chart tool allows product teams to create their own custom visuals from all the data managed in Aha! 

There are many ways you can use charts. You can share your progress with the broader team or generate views for quarterly and annual business planning meetings. You can easily report on key ideas, releases, features, and even customer data.

Ultimately, this enables you to make better prioritization decisions and understand how well you are doing against your goals. It also helps you guarantee that everyone knows exactly what your team has accomplished.


How it works

From the Reports > Chart screen, there are two different ways to get started. You can create your own chart from scratch or use one of our example Related views as a starting point.

If you are new to charts, try starting with Related views of the desired chart type so that you can understand the expected data formatting. Related views are accessed by clicking the More options button on the top right of the page.

If you opt to create a new chart from scratch, click the Add chart button on the top of the page. This will open a modal window allowing you to create the chart from a list or pivot report.

Choose the report type you want, then add the various data columns you wish to chart. You can choose from over 100 data objects in Aha! — including any custom fields you might have added.

Once the data has been added, you can click the Chart data button on the top left of the report. This will take you back to the Reports > Chart page with your data presented in a default chart.

Next, click the Customize view button on the top left of the page. This will allow you to select what type of chart you want and customize the formatting.


You can choose from many different chart types, including line, bar, column, and pie charts. The customization option allows you to edit the title as well as the axis labels and data color.

With your chart type selected and customizations completed, you can click OK, save the view through the Views menu, and share it with your team through Aha! Notebooks under the More options menu.

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