Revert description fields to previous versions

There are safeguards in place to help prevent two people from editing the same description field at the same time. This article outlines system behaviors and how you can revert a description to a previous version if unwanted changes were made.

Editing warning

When two people are editing a description at the same time, the field will be highlighted and a message will display indicating who is currently editing. In the event that two people make edits to a description field at the same time, the last edit that is made is the one that will be saved.


See description history

To see all changes that have been made to a description field, click the History button. 


Revert descriptions to previous versions

Every description field comes with an edit history tracker that allows for reverting back to previous versions. You can compare description versions and see a timeline of the changes that were made. When you determine which version you want to revert back to, click Revert to this version.


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