Managing conflicting edits

It is highly unusual for two people to make edits to the same data objects at the same time. The likelihood of it happening at all is largely situational based on organizational responsibilities and whether individuals have shared ownership of products or tasks. In those rare instances that it does occur, one should be aware of safeguards in place, system behavior, and the proper recourse.   

There is a safeguard in place to help prevent this from happening where the individual investment of editing time is potentially the greatest -- description updates. The description box for Aha! data objects will be highlighted and you'll see a message just below the description box indicating who is currently editing it and when they started. With this visibility, a colleague should know not to start making conflicting edits.

Using the audit log

In the event that two people do make edits to the same data at virtually the same time, the last edit that is made is the one that will be saved. When there is suspicion of this happening, the proper recourse is to check the audit log by going into Actions -> History for that data object (i.e. release, feature, idea) to view the changes that were made by whom and when to confirm whether this occurred and to work out a resolution with your colleague. 

Example of history audit log


Reverting description fields

Description fields come with an edit history tracker that allow for reverting back to prior versions. This is useful when two users make updates to a description at the same time. You can view both updates and determine which is most appropriate to use going forward.

The slider bar will show time stamps for when edits were last made and by whom. Use the slider to review the updates and revert to a prior version if that is the appropriate recourse. 

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