Connect product strategy to product line strategy

Aha! was designed to be scalable for large organizations managing complex portfolios of products. Because of this, all of your strategy can be created on both the product level and product line level in your account. This means that portfolio or program managers can define strategy at a level above the products being managed, such as defining corporate strategy.

Beyond simply defining product line level strategy, teams can connect their strategy together. Both strategic goals and initiatives have the ability to be rolled up from a product all the way to a corporate level. This allows the product teams to be focused on delivering against product strategy while staying aligned with the higher level strategy across the organization. The initiative roll up is even visualized on the portfolio roadmap screen.

The roll up option is available whenever you add a new goal or initiative. It can also be edited through expanding the goal or initiative screen. 

While product initiatives can roll up to a single product line initiative, product goals can roll up to multiple product line goals, if you choose. 

Rolling up goals and initiatives (from product to product line)

  1. Create a product line with products under it. You can do this in Settings > Account > Configure products.
  2. Add strategic initiatives and/or goals to the product line.
  3. Add strategic initiatives and/or goals to the product(s) under the product line.
  4. After you create an initiative or goal for any level that has parent initiatives or goals, you may roll it up using the Roll up to product line field on the right hand side of the initiative or goal's detail screen.

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