Add feature and activity start and due dates

Note: Depending on your workspace type, this article may refer to Aha! record types differently than your team does. 

Good planning requires a clear definition of what needs to be developed and an understanding of available resources.

To help with the latter, we provide capacity planning in Aha! — but sometimes it is not enough to know how long it will take for a feature to be developed. Sometimes you also need to plan the feature's start and due dates up front.

There are two ways to add feature start and due dates:

1. Add a feature to the releases roadmap 

This will automatically create a start and due date because the feature is being added to a timeline view. By default, the feature is added it to the end of the release. You can then adjust the dates by dragging the colored bar that represents the start and due dates. If you then add the feature to a phase, the phase will automatically extend (if necessary) to accommodate the feature's start date and/or due date.


2. Turn on capacity planning 

This will enable start and due date fields (as well as the capacity field) in the feature card. Then, you can manually set start and due dates in the feature card. Remember that adding a feature to the features board also adds it to the timeline on the releases roadmap according to the start and due dates you set (or to the end of the release if you did not set dates).


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