Custom field data are not showing up in reports

Custom fields are an amazing way to capture relevant and actionable data for objects in Aha! Once you create a custom field, you can then report and filter on that field. 

Scenario 1
There are times when you need to create a custom field that's named the same, but is for different types of objects. For example, you may wish to report on all the releases that deliver value to a certain geography. You may also need to be able to report a slightly different way, by grouping the features by geography. In this case, you would create a custom field for both the feature and release object. Let's say you named the custom fields "Geo"

The challenge is that while you can easily select each custom field for reporting, if you have named them exactly the same, the labels will be indistinguishable once you have created the report.

We recommend adding an identifier such as "Geo (feature)" and "Geo (release)".

Scenario 2
There is a similar issue with custom fields for the same object, e.g.: a feature, but that are created in different products. In this example, let's say that you wanted to capture the component area to which a feature is related, such as "database" or "portal". You may wish to capture this data across products or product lines so you create a custom field called "Components". 

The challenge is that when selecting data columns for reports, all of the custom fields are grouped together even if they are in different products. You cannot easily determine if you are selecting the custom field for the features in product A or product B. 

We recommend adding an identifier to distinguish the custom fields such as "Components (Product A)" and "Components (Product B)"

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