Carry over scorecard values from ideas to features

Idea portals provide customers, partners, and employees a direct channel for submitting feedback and requests for products and services. Their application is broad, ranging from management of product enhancement ideas from internal and external users, to administering IT project requests, to internal departments using them to solicit requests from their global teams for new reports, process improvements, and more. Ideas are managed and prioritized and those anointed worthy of action are promoted to features as a first step in their journey to being delivered to customers.

We get you started with a simple scorecard for ideas so you can get through the volume quickly. The purpose is that once promoted to a feature, you and your team can invest more into prioritization. However, some teams prefer to do their detailed scoring up front before promoting to features, then carry over the scores to the feature. 

This is possible by choosing the same custom scorecard for both ideas and features. Note, that both have a default scorecard and each default is different so you must create a brand new scorecard first, then choose to use that scorecard in both Ideas and Features. Scorecards are configured under Settings > Account and you can easily get there simply by opening up any scorecard and clicking on the Manage scorecards link. 

Once you configure the scorecard, select it in both the Configure (assignee, scorecard, capacity, workflow) and the Configure ideas menus, both under Settings > Product

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