Set summary email preferences

The weekly roadmapping summary emails are digest emails for products you belong to. They provide a summary of how many new items were added to the product, the status of the first three scheduled roadmap releases, and the status of active features, ideas, and to-dos within the product.  Aha-email-weekly-digest.png

Subscribing and unsubscribing

Weekly summary emails can be subscribed or unsubscribed to from the "Preferences" tab in Settings> Personal> Notifications. Simply click the checkbox next to "Send" under the "Weekly summary email" column to subscribe to that weekly summary. The summaries are only available at the product level and will be sent as separate emails.

If you are a Product Owner set at the product level (not inherited from the product line), you will automatically be set to receive the weekly summary email. As a product owner, you may control who receives the weekly summary for your product under Product> Users. Additionally, account administrators on the notification preferences screen can "switch user" to make summary subscription changes on another user's behalf.



In order to subscribe to the digest emails, the Product Owner can add an existing user to their product team through the Product -> Users tab. They will then have the option to enable the summary email.

Alternately, an admin on the account can remove the user from the product line and explicitly add them to the individual product.

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