Map custom fields between Aha! and Jira (integrations 1.0)

This support article refers to the historical 1.0 version of the Aha! integration with Jira.

  • If you are using the new 2.0 version of our Jira integration, reference this article.
  • If you are looking for details about custom field mapping for 2.0, reference this article.

The Jira integration supports field mappings between feature and requirement level custom fields in Aha! and fields in Jira. Both Jira and Aha! include the ability to create custom fields of various types. The integration supports a two way sync for the following Jira custom field types:

  • Checkboxes
  • Date Picker
  • Labels
  • Number Field
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select List (multiple choices)
  • Select List (single choices)
  • Text Field (multi-line)
  • Text Field (single line)
  • URL Field
  • User Picker

Available mappings

The following table is a list of the Jira custom fields supported by the integration and the Aha! custom fields that will support a two way sync.

Jira Field Aha! Field
Checkboxes Pre-defined tags field
Date Picker Date field
Labels Field Pre-defined tags field, Tags field, Pre-defined choice list, Editable choice list
Number Field Number field
Radio Buttons Pre-defined choice list
Select List (multiple choices) Pre-defined tags field
Select List (single choice) Pre-defined tags field, Pre-defined choice list
Text Field (multi-line) Note field
Text Field (single line) Text field
URL Field Text field
User Picker Users field


Note: For any mapping using a pre-defined type field for Aha!, the defined choices in Aha! and Jira need to be perfect matches in order to work. This is an important item to consider if you're adding a custom field mapping between Aha! and Jira after records have been linked via the integration. Ensure that possible values are perfect matches in each system prior to activating the custom field mapping, to avoid potential overwriting of values in Jira from an integration update.

Note: This only applies for custom fields at the feature or requirement level. Custom fields on initiatives when mapping initiatives to epics are not included as part of the integration. 

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