Send Features in bulk to integrated development systems (integrations 1.0)

This support article refers to the historical 1.0 version of the Aha! integration. Bulk sending features to your development system is NOT currently supported in the new integration. If you are using the new 2.0 version of our integration or would like to learn more about the new framework, you can review 2.0 documentation here.

When features in a product release are sent to development, it's quite possible that there are several distinct teams supporting that roadmap execution. Development teams organize themselves in the most efficient way for the product they work on and how it's best developed. They are experts in the "How". Some teams may be broken down by product area or components. Other teams may be organized around area of competence or subject matter expertise.

Aha! enables product owners to plan their roadmap with strategy in mind, while fully supporting how their development teams structure themselves. The abilities in Aha! to bulk edit features and create multiple development integrations work together to provide this flexible support.

A product in Aha! can integrate with multiple development systems or multiple work areas within a single system, depending on how development is structured to work. Different integration areas can easily be identified by naming the integrations specifically. For example, a single product owner may have an integration called "Platform Team" and one called "UX team". The product owner can take the action to send to exactly the right integrated development system area.

When Aha! is integrated with a development system, the Action menu is updated with the ability to send features and requirements to that system (when ready) one at a time (Feature -> Actions) or all at once (Release -> Actions). A third option is available and that is to bulk send select features to development. This is done using the Features -> List view. This is especially helpful when one Aha! product is integrated with multiple development systems or teams because now the product owner can take the action to send features to exactly the right integrated development system area.

On the Features -> List view, filters can be used to filter to just a particular product, release, feature status, or even a custom field representing a product area or development team. You can use this method to pare down the list to just what you want, or pick and choose features interactively by selecting the checkbox as needed.

Once a feature is checked on this screen, the Bulk Edit button will be available. Select this button and use the "Send to" selection in the pop-up to send just the selected features to the right team. Using these features and integrations, product management and development execute in the ways most efficient for their teams, while remaining in close collaboration on strategic roadmap alignment.

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