Everything starts with your product vision. Your vision represents the core essence of the product and sets the direction for where it is going. By using Aha! to set your vision, you have the ability to add and customize components on-the-fly.

The Strategy > Vision page is the place to define your vision for your product line or product. The vision provides a high-level view of the opportunity, how you are going to pursue it, and the challenges that you will need to overcome. It captures the essence of what you want to achieve and is critical information for teams looking to develop and maintain a winning product.

How it works

The vision is broken into two main sections: your vision components on the left and the visual diagram on the right.

The components on the left allow you to completely customize your vision to capture the information that is key for your team. You can add as many components as you like, fully flesh out the details, and reorder each area.

The diagram on the right allows you to take the components you have defined and present them visually — a perfect visual to add to an Aha! presentation.

You can toggle between representing the vision components as circles or boxes. Select how many components you want to display in your visual with the menu options on the top left of the screen.


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