Import ideas from UserVoice

The import from UserVoice tool allows teams in Aha! to easily export ideas from UserVoice and import them into Aha! This enables the great ideas that the team has been collecting in UserVoice to be easily connected to the strategy and product roadmap the team is managing within Aha!

To make the import process simple for Aha! users, we rely on the APIs available for both companies to create an easy-to-use import tool built into Aha!

What is imported

  • Idea name
  • Idea description
  • Idea votes
  • Idea users
  • Idea comments
  • Idea status

How to import

Within your Product Settings click Import from UserVoice.

1) Choose the Aha! project that the UserVoice ideas will be added to.

2) Choose the Ideas portal that your UserVoice users will be imported to.

3) Enter the following UserVoice credentials. Then, click Test Connection to connect Aha! to UserVoice.

  • Your UserVoice domain (Note: only the domain, omit the
  • Your UserVoice Key
  • Your UserVoice Secret
  • Your UserVoice Forum ID

Note: Step #1 of these instructions explain how to create the UserVoice Key & Secret.

4) Configure your status mapping between UserVoice ideas and Aha! ideas. You can configure Aha! with custom statuses to match what you have in UserVoice - or you can map the existing UserVoice statuses to new Aha! statuses.

5) Click Import to complete the import.

Key considerations

  1. When you import UserVoice ideas into Aha! the ideas will all be set as private. You can use the Ideas -> List screen in Aha! to bulk edit the ideas and change their visibility after they have been imported.
  2. When users are imported, we check for existing users before importing new users. If a user already exists, we use the existing user and do not duplicate the user.
  3. When users are imported we do not automatically send out an invite email. This allows you to import ideas with their associated ideas and not email every user at the same time of the import. Your users will exist in Aha! so they can access your portal and do a password reset to access the ideas within your Aha! ideas portal.
  4. Votes which are anonymous are not copied to Aha! because we cannot associate them with a user. This can happen when a user deleted themselves from UserVoice after placing a vote.


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