Custom fields for ideas

Custom fields for ideas are great for idea management. Custom fields ensure key information is captured from your stakeholders when ideas are submitted, such as the priority of the idea or if it is a feature request or a bug.

They also allow product managers to document internal information that may be key to their idea management process, such as which personas an idea affects.

How it works

Adding custom fields is done through three steps and requires the Aha! roles of Administrator with customizations permissions as well as Product Owner.

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Custom field layouts.
  2. Create custom layouts that utilize the custom fields in your Settings > Account page.
  3. Apply the layouts to your products or product lines through Settings > Product (or Product Line).

This article will describe specifics around managing custom fields for ideas

For full details on how custom fields work and can be defined in your account, please reference our "Add custom fields across Aha!" article.


There are three layouts for ideas fields.

  • Ideas: These fields are only available to Aha! users and are populated by editing the idea within Aha! They allow the product team to privately capture information that is available to other Aha! users only. This information is not visible in the ideas portal; it is only visible within Aha!
  • Ideas form: These fields are available to be captured from users when submitting a new idea through the ideas portal submission form.
  • Ideas portal: These fields are available to view in the ideas portal by all portal users.


When you add custom fields to ideas, you can set them to Required for the idea form if needed. This controls whether this custom field is required when submitting an idea through the ideas portal and can provide a means to ensure contributors are adding the idea information you require. This will have no effect when creating or editing an idea through Aha!

Idea management

As you review ideas, you may opt to move an idea from one product to another. Custom fields will copy over if the same custom field definition exists in both products because it is inherited from a product line or if it exists in both products with the same key name, type, and value option.

Once you add custom fields to your ideas, you should also consider adding a matching custom field to your features. That way, the information will automatically transfer to the feature if the idea is promoted.

Certain field types have different behaviors when applied to the Ideas form layout and are used to create or update records in the ideas portal:

  • Editable fields and Tags field types: Portal users can choose from existing values but cannot create new values.
  • Scorecard field, Relationship field, and Custom relationship field types: These field types are not supported for display on the ideas portal.

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